POAP - Proof of Attendance Protocol

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Eth2.0 multiclient testnet Medalla, and to encourage as much community engagement as possible, we have teamed up with our friends at POAP.xyz and r/ethstaker (Discord Channel) to create and distribute badges that will prove via the Ethereum Blockchain that you participated in the launch of the multiclient testnet.

There will be a unique POAP badge for each client, to encourage everyone to try out all the available clients.

What is POAP?

The Proof of Attendance Protocol is a dapp that distributes badges in the form of ERC-721 tokens to prove you participated in an event. More info on the dapp and the multiclient token can be found here.

How will it work?

  1. Install an Eth2.0 client and set up a node and validator.
  2. Add the Eth1.0 (Mainnet) address you want to receive the badge within the field provided.
  3. Add the generated graffiti flag to your validator client.
  4. If you propose a block between genesis and block 100,000 300,000, (within the next six weeks), your Eth1.0 address will be recorded on the beacon-chain, and you will be able to claim a token with that address using POAPs website.
  5. The tokens will be distributed via a mechanism called a merkle drop. This is like an airdrop, but badges are only distributed to those who actively claim them reducing state bloat and chain congestion.

Generate the flag for you validator:

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Medalla Leaderboard

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